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Headshots are here!

All of our students were ecstatic to receive the hard copies of their headshots! They are a vital part in any actor's career and it is so incredible to think about what opportunities the future holds for our Rising Stars with their headshots in hand.

"A Cry For Help" Wins Award at Atlantic City Cinefest

Congratulations to Diane Shorter for winning “Best Short Documentary” for her film “A Cry For Help” at the Atlantic City Cinefest. So amazing that you and many parents were able to share your stories and be recognized.


Diane sat down with multiple parents and guardians of individuals with special needs on camera, to talk about the unique struggles they faced during Covid-19. This project was created in the hopes that it will bring awareness to important issues within the special needs communities, and help parents, guardians, program directors, officials and more be better prepared should anything drastic happen again. It was also created to remind other parents and guardians that they are not alone in their struggles, that they are seen and heard.

Zombie Wedding

We are so proud of our rising stars! Several of our wonderful students were recently on set of a union film shot close by in Vineland, NJ, called the Zombie Wedding Movie. Not only were some of them able to work multiple days on this project, but their parents did too! We love our rising stars families and are so excited some of them were able to have this great experience.


Way to go, rising stars! 

Headshot Photoshoots

As an actor, it’s super important to have a professional headshot. We teach this to all of our students and encourage them to invest in a high-quality set of photos when they are ready. Recently, we were able to host a headshot photoshoot right here in our studio for our rising stars! 


We love how they turned out and we can’t wait to see the difference it will make in our rising stars’ acting careers!

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